Test Preparation

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What to bring

  • Pathology test request form completed by your doctor.
  • A list of your current medications and doses.
  • A valid Medicare card to ensure that your Medicare-covered testing can be bulk-billed back to Medicare.
You’ll need to bring photo ID if you’re having tests for one of the following reasons:
  • Immigration
  • Occupational Health
  • Parentage DNA
  • Insurance
  • Drug screening
  • Court ordered

What to do before your test

Your pre-testing instructions will depend on the test you’re having, but the most important thing you’ll need to do is drink plenty of water - unless your GP has given you a reason not to. This will make it easier for our team member to conduct your blood test.

In some cases, you may be required to fast before your test. This means you will not be able to eat or drink for a set of period of time. Fasting is necessary for some tests because some foods and drinks can affect your results.

Your doctor will let you know if you’ll need to fast prior to being tested. If your GP hasn’t mentioned this to you, it’s likely that you won’t need to.

A quick guide to fasting

  • Diabetics should not fast without prior medical advice.
  • Fasting means that you abstain from all food and fluids other than water for a period of 8-14 hours prior to your test.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed for 72 hours (3 days) prior to the test.
  • You should avoid smoking during the fasting period.
  • Do not fast for more than 14 hours prior to your testing.
  • Continue to take any medication unless advised otherwise by your doctor.
Tests that may require fasting include
  • Glucose levels
  • Lipids levels (cholesterol)

More information

Need extra details? Take a look at the information PDFs below. Reading the PDF relevant to your test will ensure the specimen you provide us with is in the necessary condition for correct examination and accurate result reporting. If you need any further assistance with these instructions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Laverty Pathology collection centre here


Recommendations after Blood Collection

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

C14-PY Breath Test

Dexamethasone Suppression test


Faecal Occult Blood

Faeces For Reducing Sugars

Fasting Instructions

Glucose Tolerance Test 2 Hour Standard

Lactose Tolerance Test

Plasma - Serotonin, 24Hr Urinary Serotonin, 24 hr Urinary 5-HIAA

Fertility - Semen Analysis

Post Vasectomy - Semen Analysis

Sputum Collection

Mid Stream Urine

Urine Drug Collection AS/NZS 4308

Urine Collection (PCR Test (Chlamydia))

Paediatric Urine Collection

24 Hour Urine Collection

8 Hour Overnight Urine Collection