Collection Consumables


As a registered referring practitioner of Laverty Pathology, you can order all of your specimen collection items online including, collection containers, needles and swabs. Your order will be delivered free of charge, within two business days, to your preferred premises.

By ordering online, you'll be able to track your recent orders, keep electronic records, repeat regular orders and receive confirmation of receipt and fulfillment of your orders. To place an online order, you'll need to be logged into your registered practice account in Laverty Pathology's Doctors Portal.

If you already have a registered account with our Doctor's Portal, then simply log into the Medical & Professional Login section of this website, and follow the prompts to order your consumables. If you don't have a registered account with our Doctor's Portal, you can apply for one online via Medway Register User. We will then send you a login and password so you can access your account.