Collection Consumables

Collection Consumables

Laverty Pathology supplies referring medical practitioners with a range of quality collection materials in order to assist you and your patients with pathology collections.

You can order your pathology based products online via our interactive PDF Doctors Stock Order Form.


To place an order simply download the PDF Doctors Stock Order Form to your desktop.
Once complete, save the form and click Submit. This will open your email client with our address pre-populated and the order form attached.
If this does not happen automatically please manually email form to:
If completing the form in hard copy, please scan and email to:
We will deliver your order free of charge.
Please note: It is important to place your orders on a regular basis to avoid excess stock expiring prior to use, we advise ordering every 2 – 4 weeks.

Supply of consumables to requestors of pathology is limited by the Health Insurance Act 1973.