Cervical Screening Audit 2020-2022

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Laverty Pathology is proud to present our Cervical Screening Audit for the 2020-2022 triennium.

The audit has been designed with input from specialists and generalists to be both informative and practical.

Each practitioner registered for the audit will receive their individual results clearly presented in a graphic and text format.

Not only will the audit data include the HPV risk profile of your patient cohort compared to national figures, it will help you ensure that your practice aligns with current National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) guidelines. Accompanying each audit result sheet is an additional list of all your patients who may specifically need follow up or further intervention – a useful second step to reinforce the safe and correct management of your patients.

The Laverty Pathology Cervical Screening Audit is the perfect audit for self-reflection, enabling you to target areas in your practise for refinement and continued improvement of your service to your patients.


To register, please complete the Audit Registration Form and return via email to Marketing@laverty.com.au or fax to 02 9770 1050


For further detailed information please read the attached Audit Introduction Brochure which will inform you on all of the requirements involved for Audit completion.

You may also speak with your local Medical Liaison Officer or email Marketing@laverty.com.au for further clarification.


Introduction Brochure

Registration form

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