COVID-19 Clinician Information

Requesting COVID-19 Testing

Laverty Pathology offers fast and convenient support for medical practitioners offering consultations for COVID-19.

a) If performing a face-to-face consultation, give the patient a completed hard copy request form and direct them to attend a COVID-19 testing location.

b) For telehealth consultations, download the Telehealth Request Form to your computer desktop or device. Open the downloaded form in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Complete the form, save, and send to your patient.

As per public health guidelines, patients are required to self isolate until a negative result is received. Patients should be advised by their GP regarding release from isolation.

Where to send your patients for testing

Complementing our dedicated COVID-19 collection centres, we have a number of drive-through COVID-19 testing locations. Drive-through collection is by far the easiest, safest and most convenient way for people to be tested for COVID-19.

Please note:

Children of all ages can be tested at our drive-through clinics.

Drive-through locations can only be attended by vehicle, we cannot accept foot traffic.

Walk in patients must attend a dedicated COVID-19 collection centre.

What if my patient requires another test as well?

If you have requested a COVID-19 test along with a blood test (e.g. Full Blood Count), your patient should attend a dedicated COVID-19 collection centre for both blood test and COVID-19 swab collection.

Alternatively, please advise your patient to attend one of our COVID-19 testing locations for a COVID-19 test first and, following receipt of a negative COVID-19 result, attend a Laverty Pathology collection centre for the blood test.