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As leaders in our field, we are always working to bring you the very latest in pathology testing technology.

The COVID-19 Sample Collection guide provides guidance on Swab options and Collection methods currently available to Medical practitioners. Laverty Pathology recommends collection for COVID-19 based on the current clinical advice and stock limitations.

The Test Reference Manual contains an overview of Laverty Pathology and the services that we provide to Medical Practitioners and their patients. In the manual, Medical Practitioners will find comprehensive listings on every test that Laverty Pathology can perform, an overview of each department and its collection requirements.

The Swab and Tube Collection guides contain an overview of Laverty Pathology collection processes required by Medical Practitioners and their patients.

We have changed the way we perform CT/NG testing and this means a change to the way samples are collected. Chlamydia trachomatis / Neisseria gonorrhoeae, HPV (Human papillomavirus), and TV/MG (Trichomonas vaginalis / Mycoplasma genitalium) on a single, fully-automated instrument. To support this change, we need to make adjustments to the collection process for CT/NG testing. For further information on the Collection Process, please see the documents for download below or contact your Medical Liaison Officer.

Please check expiry date of Thin Prep vials, which is in US format: year – month – day.

Changes to cervical screening in Australia

The medical community now has a greater understanding of cervical cancer as well as access to improved technology that will further reduce cervical cancer rates.
As a result of these developments, changes have been made to cervical tests nationwide. On December 1, 2017 the two yearly pap smear was replaced by a five yearly cervical screening. For further information on the new screening protocols, please see the documents for download below or call (02) 9005 7000.

As of July 1st 2022, there has been an update on the screening pathway in regards to the self collect testing. Please refer to the Cervical Screening Test Guide and Flowchart. For more information please click here.

Increasing cervical screening adherence for women

We are proud to support the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation’s Comfort Checklist for cervical screening. The ACCF ‘Comfort Checklist’ aims to empower women by helping them overcome any emotional, cultural and physical barriers and encourage regular cervical screening.
For more information please click here.

ThinPrep test demonstration video

To keep you up to date with the cervical screening changes, we’ve put together a four minute video demonstrating how to use the ThinPrep Pap Test. This video will also outline why ThinPrep is our preferred Liquid Based Cytology test. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our Medical Liaison Officers, or reach out to your local lab manager. We’re always happy to help. 
You can view the video here.

Through our specialist genomic testing laboratory Genomic Diagnostics, Laverty Pathology offers an extensive range of genetic tests to help in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease. Our testing menu spans from simple to complex and includes diagnostic and carrier testing for inherited disease, testing for somatic mutations in cancer, and pharmacogenetic testing using genetic and genomic techniques.

Our genetic diagnostic service is supported by:
Genetic testing is available for many disorders including:

Our comprehensive cytogenetic service is available for prenatal, postnatal and haematological malignancy testing using both conventional and molecular cytogenetic techniques. The requirements and costs can vary for each molecular test. Some testing may be rebateable if subject to Medicare guidelines and criteria. Other tests may incur an out of pocket charge.

For further enquiries including clinical enquiries, testing availability, collection requirements and costs please click below to visit the Genomic Diagnostics website:

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is a revolutionary advance in prenatal screening. A simple and highly accurate blood test, NIPT screens for common chromosomal abnormalities from as early as the 10th week of pregnancy, for both singleton and twin pregnancies. Visit our specialist genomic testing laboratory Genomic Diagnostics for more information.