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Non-invasive Prenatal Testing from $395

The Generation 46 option of the NIPT range of tests screens for gains and losses of all 46 chromosomes (pairs 1 through 22 plus the sex chromosomes X and Y). It also includes trisomy 21, 18 and 13, and the sex chromosome number changes in the standard Generation option.

Laverty Pathology’s specialist genomic testing laboratory Genomic Diagnostics perform our genomic testing. Visit the Genomic Diagnostics website for more information.

Need Negative Covid-19 testing for travel?

We’ve made COVID-19 Screening for travel easy.

Real Time RT-PCR Test

  • Available Nationwide
  • $100 results in 48hrs*
  • $195 Same day results*
  • Results by email prior to departure*
  • Over 10 million COVID-19 tests conducted

* Conditions apply

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Over 550 locations across NSW & ACT

Serving a breadth of suburbs and regional areas, we have more than 550 locations across the states.