Pay your Bill / Request a Receipt

Billing Policy

Our clinic will bulk-bill all pathology tests covered under the Medicare Benefits Schedule. However, an invoice will be issued and you may be required to pay if one of the following has occurred:

  • The testing isn’t covered by Medicare.
  • The request form is not signed and completed in compliance with Medicare rules.
  • The test is not performed by our clinic.
  • You’re an inpatient or day stay patient in a private hospital and your health insurer does not have a no gap agreement with our clinic.

Receiving a bill from us

If we have a mobile phone number for you, we’ll send you an SMS with a secure link for you to be able to download a copy of your invoice. To access the invoice you’ll be prompted to enter the postcode that was part of your address on the request form.

If we don’t have a mobile phone number for you, we’ll send the invoice via post.

You can change your preferences for how you receive your invoice at any time, or get help with your invoice, by calling our Accounts team on 1800 350 046 during business hours.

Pay your account

Paying your account with us is an easy, convenient and secure process.

Pay via BPay

Contact your participating bank, credit union or building society to make your payment directly from your bank account. When prompted, simply enter the Biller Code and the reference number, which appears on the front of the payment slip.

Pay Online

You can pay your account using our secure internet payment option “bpoint” with your Visa or MasterCard.

Pay now

Please be aware that our new online payment window will open in your browser to facilitate security of payment directly to us. If you are having difficulty loading this payment page then please ensure that your security settings are adjusted to allow pop-ups from our website.

If your mobile phone number is recorded on your pathology request form, we will send you a text message with a secure link to be able to view / print / download your bill. When you click on the link, you’ll be directed to a secure page where you will be prompted to enter the postcode for your address that was on your request form.

If we don’t have a mobile phone number recorded for you, or the number is incorrect, we will send the invoice to the address that was on your request form.

Laverty Pathology will generally bulk-bill all testing covered by Medicare. 
Occasionally you will be required to pay a patient co-payment for the following: 

  • Tests or patients not covered by Medicare 
  • Tests not performed by Laverty Pathology 
  • Patients admitted to a private hospital 

There may be a number of reasons for this including:

  • You were a private hospital patient
  • Your testing is not eligible under Medicare rules
  • Your testing did not comply with Medicare bulk-billing
  • Your tests had to be performed by a specialised facility or lab

If you have a Veterans' Affairs Gold Card, you will not incur out-of-pocket expenses for any medical services provided by our clinic. We will bill your tests direct to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for payment. 

Most private health insurance funds have a no gap agreement with our pathology labs. This means that you won’t receive a bill for any Medicare-approved testing that was conducted while you were in hospital. You simply need to be with one of these no gap health insurers -

  • BUPA
  • HCF
  • And many others (contact us to confirm)

However, please note, there are a few private health insurers who don’t offer their members this no gap benefit. They prefer that their members receive a bill direct from our pathology labs instead.

NIB is the largest of these private insurers who don’t offer no gap coverage with our pathology labs (and all other pathology providers). So if you do receive a bill from us, you’ll need to pay 100% of your account to us. We will then issue you with a receipt which you can send to Medicare and your private health insurance company for a cash rebate if applicable.

If you receive a bill from us for your in-hospital pathology testing, and you have no health insurance coverage, then you’ll need to pay 100% of your account. We will then issue you with a receipt that you can send to Medicare and your private health insurance company for a cash rebate if applicable.

We will rarely bill you direct. However if we do, the expenses will vary depending upon the location and type of services and testing that was conducted. Private account charges for pathology tests are based on the Australian Medical Association schedules. 

We have a gap protection policy which means that after you’ve paid your account with us and claimed back your Medicare rebate, your maximum out-of-pocket expense for Medicare eligible testing will be no more than $195 per request for non-hospital testing and $500 per stay for private patients.

Please note: Most insurers do not offer no gap coverage.

The Medicare Safety Net is designed to help patients with large healthcare bills from doctors. The Safety Net means that once you reach a threshold ($500 per patient per year or $1,500 per family per year), then your out-of-pocket expenses may be reimbursed. The Medicare Safety Net covers a range of medical services including pathology services that you receive out of hospital. For more details, please visit the Medicare Australia website.

Itemised Receipts for Paid Invoices

If you pay an invoice via this site you will be given a proof of payment, which you can use with the invoice to show payment.

However, if you need an itemised receipt for an invoice you have paid, please send an email with your invoice number, receipt number, name and date of birth to:

Request a receipt for payment made at a Collection Centre 

If you are a Medicare-card holder:

If you are a Medicare-card holder but were required to pay at the time of Collection for one or more tests that are not covered by Medicare, an itemised receipt is not normally supplied.

These tests are not claimable through private health funds.

For other situations:

If you were required to pay at the time of Collection for tests because:

  • You are an overseas visitor or non-Medicare card holder and were not eligible to have the tests paid by Medicare, and need a receipt to lodge a claim via private health insurance, or
  • You had a tests for non-medical reasons and need to present an itemised receipt to a court or to an employer,

Then please complete this form and click submit.