Online Results

Medway is our online results portal. It is a web-based application developed by Laverty Pathology that provides you with real-time access to our secure database. Being browser-based means that no additional software needs to be installed on your device to access results seamlessly.

Real-Time Results... Anytime, Anywhere.

As soon as the result is available at the laboratory, it is available in Medway — enabling you to view your patients’ results quickly, efficiently and securely over the internet.

With no paper to handle, instantaneous delivery and secure access, Medway ensures your patients’ results are available in real-time, anywhere, on time, all the time.

Fully flexible to meet your individual practice's needs

Path-Way can be tailored to create a central register of your practice’s pathology results, regardless of which doctor in your practice ordered the pathology. Customise your Path-Way account so that you can consolidate all results from all of the doctors in your practice into a single online database and group only results from specific doctors in your practice into a single online database

Access and manage only those results you wish to, from a single practice database. Medway gives you the ability to:


Visit our MedWay sign up page to register for online results


To organise a demonstration, or for assistance with registration and setup, please email or call 02 9005 7819.